Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Real Escape

Phoenix: Good Lord, you were not suppose to jump out the window!

Diablo: If that was the case, why did you open it?

Phoenix: Testing my powers of analytical thinking.

Diablo: Well, it looked nice out there. Besides, she was out there.

Phoenix: No she wasn’t. She had gone across the parking lot to case out the books store, two blocks away. She could have been gone for hours. What if she had decided to see a movie or garb a bite to eat in the marketplace?

Diablo: Well I was just sitting underneath The Rig. I wasn’t outside that long.

Phoenix: The look on her face when she returned and saw the screen wide open. I know she thought I jumped out. But when she discovered it was you…well, she was scared to death. She immediately thought she lost you. It scared me! She looked at the woods and knew you were gone. She probably would have camped there for eternity, hoping you would return.

Diablo: Geeeze. I was just under The Rig.

Phoenix: She did not see you. Did you see the tears in her eyes? Did you hear the fright in her voice when she called out your name? Desperate and heart wrenching.

Diablo: Yeah, that made me a little concerned too. Honestly, I was getting a little scared. There were lots of cars. I could see the tires slowly roll by. And I did not know how I was going to get back in.

Phoenix: I was coming out after you.

Diablo: Oh? What, you didn’t think I could jump back through the window?

Phoenix: You are a little on the chubby side.

Diablo: At least my body isn’t all boney like yours.

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Anonymous said...

the kitties just did not know what was cracking me up!