Sunday, November 04, 2007

Cat Heaven

Diablo: There are seven stages to cat Heaven.

Phoenix: Hummm. Let's me guess. Number one. Full belly?

Diablo: That's right.

Phoenix: Number two. Anything dairy?

Diablo: Except blue cheese. Just grosses me out.

Phoenix: Number three. Scratch under the chin.

Diablo: Oooooh, so good.

Phoenix: Number four. Clean Litter box

Diablo: Most definiately.

Phoenix: Hacking up that annoying fur ball. Got to be number five.

Diablo: Oh good one. Hadn't thought about that.

Phoenix: Number six: Feeling the twitching body of a small rodent between your front paws.

Diablo: Such a turn on. Could be a lizard too.

Phoenix: Sleeping in the sun when it is 72 degrees outside.

Diablo: Purrrrfect.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Eastern Standard

Diablo: It is getting late

Phoenix: I can't get her to move.

Diablo: I'm so hungry I could eat a furball.

Phoenix: She has us in a conditioning program.

Diablo: For what? The New York Marathon?

Phoenix: For that Spring forward, Fall back nonsense.

Diablo: That's why she has been staying in bed until 9 AM.

Phoenix: Well it's 5:50 PM. Time to Eat.

Diablo: I'm ready to spring on something. Go jump on her computer again.