Sunday, March 25, 2007

Night Prowl

Phoenix: This place looks like a hostel. Who are these people sleeping everywhere?

Diablo: Peace Corps people. I smell an opened bag of Doritos. I think it is sittin' on the floor right next to the guy sleeping on the couch.

Phoenix: I dare you to get it.

Diablo: I can taste that orange powdery coating – kind of salty. The crunchy chip. Ohhh, I could eat the whole bag.

Phoenix: No doubt. However, I don’t think he is going to let you have any.

Diablo: He is snoring. He’ll never know. If I tip-toe over and ever so carefully stick my nose in the bag…

Phoenix: ...So, he’s not a very heavy sleeper.

Diablo: Guess not. What if I…

Phoenix: It’s going to be a long night for this poor guy.

Monday, March 12, 2007

How in the hell....

Diablo: Did you turn the air-conditioning on the other day?

Phoenix: No comment.

Diablo: She sure didn't leave the condo all day and turn it on for us.

Phoenix: No comment.

Diablo: How did you do it?

Phoenix: No comment.

Diablo: Yeah, well...she sure knows you're the one who left the dead gecko tail in the middle of the floor.

Phoenix: No comment.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Need Insurance?

Diablo: Look. Look. It is one of those things I seen on TV.

Phoenix: What?

Diablo: There. Under the chair. It's a GEICO

Phoenix: A what?

Diablo: You know that green funny talking thing on TV. Sometimes licks its eyeball.

Phoenix: A gecko.

Diablo: That’s what I said. But this one is brown.

Phoenix: It didn’t have a British accent, did it?

Diablo: Never said a word.

Phoenix: What did it taste like?

Diablo: Chicken, of course. Not much meat, however.