Sunday, July 30, 2006

What is going on?

Phoenix: Something tells me the next few months are going to be hell.

Diablo: Maybe not.

Phoenix: Look. We have been put in this RV and left alone for the last two days. Not fun.

Diablo: But she comes and feeds us. She pets us and this air conditioning has been pretty sweet.

Phoenix: I don't like this. Something is up. Too much activity, not enough attention paid to us. She is on the phone or on this computer all the time talking about her new book, The Last Voyage of the Cosmic Muffin. Got all excited the other day when a reporter from the Glouscester-Times called and asked for an interview.

Diablo: Yeah, and she even got us new cat toys. I love that carrot with the feathers.

Phoenix: My guess she is trying to bribe us. Clean litter pan, cat treats... Hell, I have been walking on the counters in this RV and she had not said a word. Not even when I coughed a hair ball in the sink.

Diablo: That was too convienent to clean up. You got to go for the bed. Pillow is good. That stunt you pulled this morning was good.

Phoenix: I heard her tell her mom how I jumped straight up on the sloped range hood and squeezed into the cabinet above the stove all in one smooth move.

Diablo: Pretty awesome.

Phoenix: I'm hungry.

Diablo: See if you can open that cabinet where she keeps to food. Did you see that rabbit across the road?