Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Lonely Days, Lonely Nights

Diablo: Do you think she is ever coming back?

Phoenix: She has always come back before.

Diablo: The old guy is okay. I just don't dare sit at the table begging for food.

Phoenix: Yeah, and he doesn't give in to our poor starving hungry looks we give him.

Diablo: It has been nearly three weeks.

Phoenix: Don't worry. She has always come back.

Diablo: But sometimes it had been six or more months. You don't think she joined the Peace Corps again.

Phoenix: You just keep curling up on her pillow and be patient. She'll be back soon.

Diablo: Don't you miss her?

Phoenix: Yeah, I miss her. Come over here and let me clean your ears.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Serial Number...

Phoenix: That was low.

Diablo: A mean and dirty trick.

Phoenix: Microchipped...

Diablo: Right between the shoulder blades.

Phoenix: And tested for rabies too.

Diablo: Something tells me we aren't headed for Kansas, Toto.

Phoenix: No, but our blood samples are.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Cherry Pie

Diablo: Whoa, you are a bad cat.

Phoenix: Can’t believe the old man caught me.

Diablo: Three pies sitting on the counter and he found you up to your ears in the cherry.

Phoenix: It was made with cream cheese and sweet condensed milk and…

Diablo: And you ate so much you puked. I would have gone for the pumpkin. Carefully lick the surface and they would have never known.