Monday, October 30, 2006


Diablo: What was that smell?

Phoenix: Grossed me out.

Diablo: What was she doing?

Phoenix: Smelled like she tried to ram her hand down the Airdale’s throat.

Diablo: Ich. Dog slobber.

Phoenix: Then she had the audacity to pet us.

Diablo: Gave me the shivers.

Monday, October 23, 2006


Phoenix: Weight control cat food is only weight control if you don’t eat an eight pound bag of it in one sitting.

Diablo: Burp.

Phoenix: don't look too good.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Does it Go?


Diablo: I could have taken him.

Phoenix: He had been stalking you for twenty minutes.

Diablo: I know. I lured him in by pretending I did not see the old coon tomcat lurking in the brush.

Phoenix: Nice tactics. I’m impressed.

Diablo: When he came within range, I decided to go after him. He retreated.

Phoenix: To a point. He stood there like a Halloween cat and you kept tugging on the leash wanting to get closer.

Diablo: Valerie was afraid we would get into a tangle and she was worried the stray might have rabies.

Phoenix: I think she was worried he would eat you for lunch.

Diablo: That too.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Under Cover

Phoenix: Were you doing what I think you were doing?

Diablo: What is that?

Phoenix: Sleeping under the covers?

Diablo: Toasty. It was cold in this RV last night.

Phoenix: You are a cat. Have some dignity.

Diablo: Jealous? Besides, she greatly appreciated my warmth.

Office Cats

Phoenix: Home, sweet, home.

Diablo: Familiar faces. Familiar places. Not as much junk food in the office however. Ever since she took me to the vet and was pleased I have lost 6 pounds this year, she has made sure I won’t gain an ounce of it back. It can be torture having a personal trainer.

Phoenix: You did get a lot of compliments. Sleeping in the RV at night, roaming the office during the day…sweet. I even got to sit on the boss’ desk. My old throne. I think he missed me.

Diablo: Yes, the week has been very comfortable. Good for my blood pressure. There aren’t any mice here, but the living is good. I wish we could be office cats again.

Phoenix: Those days are over my friend. And with that person who claims to be “allergic” to “cats”…well, the hey-days are over.

Diablo: Yeah, I had half a mind to give her cat-scratch fever, then she could really whine about something.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Phoenix: You smell like the Vet's.

Diablo: Quit hissing at me.

Phoenix: You lost some more fur around your hind legs.

Diablo: The Vet thinks I am eating my own fur. After all, I am down six pounds in a year. The new slim me tipped the scale at 10.4. Lean mean mousing machine.

Phoenix: Yeah but you need to figure out how to do a sit up. You got a flabby gut and it is going bald.

Diablo: Keep it up. I got a steriod shot this afternoon. I can take you in three.

Déjà vu - déjà vu

Diablo: Looks familiar.

Phoenix: Smells familiar.

Diablo: We have been here before. The litter box was over there and our food bowls right there.

Phoenix: Where is my sleeping pad?

Diablo: I am not sure I like it here any more. It feels different. Less personal.

Phoenix: Yeah, something is missing, but I can figure out what.

Diablo: Something tells me we are no longer office cats.

Phoenix: I wonder how long we will be here?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Going South

Diablo: Nice and toasty in the sun this afternoon.

Phoenix: Sure beats that torrential downpour over the weekend.

Diablo: Did not care for the acorns dropping on the roof of the RV roof. Disturbed my sleep.

Phoenix: It has been a long couple of weeks.

Diablo: Yeah we had it made at the house. Free mice, the roam of the place, extra food carelessly left on the counter tops.

Phoenix: Nothing careless about it. We were thieves breaking and entering.

Diablo: Yeah, wasn’t it great.

Phoenix: Couldn't last. She shuffled us back into the RV and headed south.

Diablo: Tell me. What was that little thinly haired wrinkly little…what was that?

Phoenix: That my friend was an old dachshund.

Diablo: Gave me the willies. She wanted to lick us and baby us.

Phoenix: Yeah, I don’t care too much for dog spit.