Saturday, May 26, 2007


Phoenix: I hate that parfait glass.

Diablo: She puts it in the frrezer and when I put my head in there... God what an ice cream head ache.

Phoenix: Last night, I thought you were going to get your head stuck in the glass.

Diablo: It’s too hard to reach the bottom. My tongue isn't that long. I had to get that last drop.

Phoenix: Neat trick sticking your paw in there. You look like Whinnie-The-Pooh.

Diablo: Who?

Phoenix: Never mind.

Diablo: What's your favorite flavor?

Phoenix: Cookies and Cream.

Diablo: Now you're sounding a bit like me.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Gecko Heads

Diablo: I see you're getting more food.

Phoenix: That is the intent, but you keep eating out of my bowl.

Diablo: How many geckos have you eaten?

Phoenix: Seven or eight.

Diablo: You never eat the heads.

Phoenix: Too personal.

Diablo: What?

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Phoenix: She is such a push over. For months your diet has been strictly rabbit and peas. Your fur has grown back and you are shedding more cat hair than a New Zealander can shear off a sheep.

Diablo: Lamb’s good. I love lamb.

Phoenix: Now every morning when she fixes a cup of decaf, she gives you a spoonful of half and half.

Diablo: Cream’s good. I love cream too.

Phoenix: You’re spoiled rotten.

Diablo: Hey, I don’t see you hiding behind the door when the refrigerator is open. I also noticed more food in your bowl every day. She called you scrawny in one of her stories.

Phoenix: She called you chunky.

Diablo: Hey, it’s the fur.

Phoenix: Yeah, and I went to England to frighten the little mouse under the Queen’s chair.

Diablo: You think she is ever going to turn on the air?

Phoenix: I doubt it.

Diablo: I wish I was still naked.