Friday, October 20, 2006


Diablo: I could have taken him.

Phoenix: He had been stalking you for twenty minutes.

Diablo: I know. I lured him in by pretending I did not see the old coon tomcat lurking in the brush.

Phoenix: Nice tactics. I’m impressed.

Diablo: When he came within range, I decided to go after him. He retreated.

Phoenix: To a point. He stood there like a Halloween cat and you kept tugging on the leash wanting to get closer.

Diablo: Valerie was afraid we would get into a tangle and she was worried the stray might have rabies.

Phoenix: I think she was worried he would eat you for lunch.

Diablo: That too.


Mike said...

Sure enjoy the antics of those two felines. Their personalities are emerging...good book ahead!

Mike said...

Just checked and found I said basically the same thing a few days's getting late in Hawaii and I'm brain dead.

Do give them an affectionate scratch on the head for me.