Monday, October 09, 2006

Going South

Diablo: Nice and toasty in the sun this afternoon.

Phoenix: Sure beats that torrential downpour over the weekend.

Diablo: Did not care for the acorns dropping on the roof of the RV roof. Disturbed my sleep.

Phoenix: It has been a long couple of weeks.

Diablo: Yeah we had it made at the house. Free mice, the roam of the place, extra food carelessly left on the counter tops.

Phoenix: Nothing careless about it. We were thieves breaking and entering.

Diablo: Yeah, wasn’t it great.

Phoenix: Couldn't last. She shuffled us back into the RV and headed south.

Diablo: Tell me. What was that little thinly haired wrinkly little…what was that?

Phoenix: That my friend was an old dachshund.

Diablo: Gave me the willies. She wanted to lick us and baby us.

Phoenix: Yeah, I don’t care too much for dog spit.

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