Monday, March 17, 2014

Travel Episode

Traveling with cats is always a challenge. Here Digit explains a little episode that occurred in the car on the way back to Worcester. I've done so much travel I'm use to car rides, boat rides, train travels and now even planes, but I've never seen a peep go to such troubles to transport a kittehn.

Here's Digit.

Back to Worcester and Tufts, but this is the last week of torture...I mean "treatment."
We left the farm at 8 am. We had to make another "pit stop" at our local vet to see if Journey would hold her bladder for a sample this morning. Mom saw her drink before we left so she was hopeful. But what did Journey do?

She was crying like she had to go about halfway there and it’s like a 16 minute drive.  So Mom kept sticking her hand into Journey’s carrier to keep her standing up. After all, Journey’s not a horse so she doesn’t pee standing up, right?  Well Journey did!  History making!  Out the back of the carrier and onto the car door.  Yippee cat pee in the car!  We cats know how you humans can’t stand that smell. 

Bad Journey. (okay, I was laughing)  No sample this week for the vet.  What Journey doesn’t realize is that Mom will not be deterred by such antics.

I was the only good kitty in the car.  Of course I’m getting to be an old pro at this. Whisper and Journey carried on pretty much the whole way. You would think it was them being subjected to torture!

Today is the  eleventh treatment. Making the final turn down the back stretch!
Hope you all have a great week. Don’t forget to check out the auction.  Click Here to see what is available. Remember the proceeds go for my treatment at Tufts.

Hope to have photos of my torture to post tomorrow.


Leslie Hanna said...

Why couldn't they just collect the pee from the car? And eeeeewwwwww!

Anonymous said...

sample needs to be cultured - so collected sterile