Thursday, March 20, 2014

Final Stretch

Tomorrow is Digit’s last radiation treatment. And we all want to know how it has gone.  Here’s Digit.

So far, all of those well wishes, good vibes and purrs are working.
Many friends, old and new, have asked: How is the radiation going? Is it working?

The unfortunate thing with the localized lesion and bonus that I have never been "sick" - is that it’s actually kind of hard to tell.  Wow, that’s definitive.

Mom asked the oncologist today and was told that, basically they will measure the lesion tomorrow on my last  treatment #15. But since the radiation has been making my lip red, swollen and a bit raw it’s going to be difficult to gauge. Of course if there were marked changes, and there isn’t, it would be easier. Over time, the lesion should heal, but that will be after they stop zapping it and it has time to do so.

Like I mentioned, they want to check other places just to make sure the lymphoma hasn’t reared its ugly head somewhere else that we couldn’t detect it before. That would be awful! But that is also the reason why Mom is pushing for chemo. Lymphoma may be somewhere else, but not to any detectable degree.

We have been dealing with this as single site cutaneous small T-cell lymphoma and we are certainly hoping it is, but likely enough if you out there have at least some experience with cancer to know that its a sneaky, evil, deceitful disease, and chemo is the only way to deal with that.

I am sure that doesn’t really answer the question, but there isn’t a mass to shrink or an appetite to gain or anything like that for the doctors to put a finger on

Mom just spoke with the oncologist who said preliminary the slides look reactive - not cancerous. But they would like to send them out for closer examination and, mom being a scientist (has its pluses and minuses) agreed. Those results won’t be back for a week.

I’m looking forward to my last torture ("treatment" they call it - yeah, right) session tomorrow. I overheard mom say they are going to be giving me a good once over in addition to my radiation- ultrasound, chest x-ray, blood work, to make sure there have been no other changes over the last month since I last had all of those things done. So, it will truly be a day of torture.

The oncologist confirmed again today that I am showing a lot of "spunk." They ain’t seen nothing yet.

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