Friday, March 04, 2011

On The Road

An inquiring follower wanted to know about Phoenix. So I will fill in the some details since my last entry. She's fine.

As for me, I’m still getting up in the morning, eating, sleeping, eating, prowling and, well if I am not sleeping, I’m eating. My machine just works that way.

My homie Phoenix works very similarly except she always been the smart one. She stays home and worries about me as I venture onto the asphalt. I have avoided using the highways much of this travel season. Road maintenance in the north country requires a lot of salt, dirt and other stuff that makes my pads tender. And it tastes awful too.

I struck out on the road to Chicago over a month ago. Progress this year has been hampered by high winds and snow banks well over my head. Bitter cold has kept the snow pack weak, so open field running bogs me down. Seems like Chicago is in the middle of the country or something. It didn't look that far on the map. Maybe six inches or so. It is taking forever to get there and now I have another reason to be in the Windy City.

My original purpose was to visit my friends Rosie and Cheeto (follow them on Twitter at @rosieandcheeto). Presently they are enduring horrible living conditions, denied treats and forced into human bondage - the cuddles. Worst of all is the backward fur rub causing static electricity. All could be cured with squillions of tuna treats packed in heavy oil. That will give their coats a shine. I’ve come to demand such.

But there might be a logical reason for this abuse. Seems Rosie and Cheeto’s peeps are in love and going to get married in less than two weeks. Since I am attending the Royal Wedding in April, I thought I’d crash this wedding. I’ll be able to scout out the ceremonial activities so nothing in England catches me off the royal guard. No need to cause a blunder that could cause an international incident. The O-man doesn't need my help.

So dear followers send the tuna express treats my way. I’ve turned south southwest to swoop around Lake Michigan and must rally all my senses to tackle the streets of Gary, Indiana.


Anonymous said...

Excellent blog, good that the android didn't let you down at this point (of blogging that is). Much love to Phoenix.

Juan / meowmix

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Yoo are one troo friend, diablo! Without yoo we would have to settle fur this unacceptabul life we are having to lead. We look forward to yer arrival and will welcome yoo with open paws!