Friday, March 02, 2012


Mile making has been slow. However, the diversions have been pleasant up ‘til today. Of all places, the irony of being hunkered down in an intersection-of-a-town called Rising Sun. Waiting for the severe weather to pass. During this lull my heart and prayers go out to those in Harrisburg, Illinois and other Midwestern stomps that were hit with the tornados. While it can be tough going in my world, I count my blessings that this afternoon I can rest inside what appears to be a storage shed.

My diversions last weekend included Dayton, Ohio and a fine visit with @CrookedStamper’s Dad. She claimed all he did was nap when she visited. I say she doesn’t know what napping is. Take it from a cat who knows the fine art of napping. CS’ Dad is a far from a party-pooper.

When I arrived he graciously whipped up some of Oscar Mayer’s finest bacon. I thought eating Oscar Mayer’s was most appropriate for it was the weekend of the Oscars. Can I be frank (ha-ha-ha)? A silent film that no one has ever heard of much less seen kind of promotes napping. Anyway, we ate bacon all weekend. A delicious TUNA alternative.

The highlight of the weekend was not the Oscars. (Surprise, surprise). We took in a concert. Emily and the Rambling Cats. Ever hear of them? Probably not and probably never will. Google them and see what you find. Nothing. Ever Google something and not find anything? It is an experience you can talk about at work on Monday.
“Hey Joe, what did you do this weekend,”
“Googled, shit. I googled something and found nothing. It was totally weird. Kind of like looking for a government listing in the phonebook."
“ For God sake. Joe, what did you google?”
“Emily and the Rambling Cats.”
“What is that? Some funk country band?”
“Shit, if I know. I told you. I found nothing on Google.”
“Joe, what possessed you to google Emily and the Rambling Cats?
“ ‘cause I read some random blog written by a southbound cat. This cat is traveling to Mexico to unlock the secrets of the Mayan Calendar.”
“Dude, how much weed did you toke?”
“None, I swear. I could pee test this afternoon and pass.”

Yeah, this is what sitting out the rain in Rising Sun, Illinois gets you.

My trip down river continues.

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Leslie Hanna said...

Duuuuude, thanks so much for spending time with my Dad! He still talks about your visit!