Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012 Epic Adventure

Hi, Peeps and Anipals. Once again the Goddess is leaving me for the warmer climes and black lava beaches of the Big Island of Hawaii. Yep, she plans on leaving me behind. Same ol', same ol'.

In 2010 I tromped across the USA visiting my pal @ToonceCat in Florida. Then I jumped a freighter to cross the Pacific Ocean to arrive in Hawaii just a few days before she headed back to Upstate New York. She collared me and dragged me home on an airplane. I hate flying as much as I hate Orange Jello. Last year, with my royal wedding invitation in hand I went to England to see Kate and William off in wedded bliss. But all that was after I visited my friend Cheeto of @Rosieandcheeto fame in Chicago and hitched a ride on a private yacht to Belgium.

This year, I'm planning to run away again, but I am totally undecided about where to go. So much to see! Help me plan my escape and begin the 2012 Epic Adventure. Enter your vote for a destination by participating in the survey posted on my blog. Or twitter me any suggestions you might have.

It is a big furry world out there. Help me explore it!!


Leslie Hanna said...


Honeybell said...

BUSTED! hahaaa!!! Let me think this through

Rosie & Cheeto said...

Maybe yoo can go on the campaign trail with the candidates, or locate a Mayan to see if thay are serious about the end of the werld on 12/21/12, or go to Ireland and become a gypsy cat. Hmmm, yull think of somethin'.

Lydia Fiedler said...

Um hello - AUSTIN.